Monzo - Why do they exist? How is this possible?

So I’ve used Monzo Bank. But then I felt very foolish. I realised everything said about how caring this bank is, is just marketing lies.


Why is Monzo is still operating. They have now:

1) … demonstrated their lack of concern for unprofitable customers (they close their accounts),

2) … demonstrated how little they care for their customers being scammed,

3) … jacked up prices because (surprise) they cannot undercut the big banks on costs

4) … engaged their spin machines (11FS) in a way that only a child would fool for, to counter bad press

5) and demonstrated that their supporters are unpleasant sycophants. Their customers (and penny investors) litter social medial to pop up everywhere pushing their cult.

> However much I dislike Monzo, it appears that Atom bank is the most complained about bank (of the banks I have heard about), with Monzo coming in at 8th most complained about on my recent fact-checking exercise.

That there is a FaceBook group called Monzo Stole My Money is no surprise to me.

Uneducated Monzo Bank Staff

I once saw Monzo’s child Twitter operator answer a question from a concerned customer by, presumably, Googling the answer and posting a link to whatever crap that popped up. What they didn’t realise was that the page they posted was talking about the american banking system(!!) and, not surprisingly, false when applied to the UK.

This is supposed to be an answer from a member of staff at a bank and they have no idea about almost basic UK banking practises!!


Starling Bank also gets a special mention here, as their staff are just as uneducated as the Monzo staff.

Uneducated Starling Bank Staff

When I asked one of their presumably child age support agents about why my card wasn’t working with a Google Pay transaction, I repeatedly got the same stupid, increasingly condescending response, saying I had entered the card details incorrectly. This fool even had the cheek to tell me where this alledgedly incorrect information was on my card. It seemed to be unknown to this idiot that at no point did I enter any details of my card anywhere - you can’t, because the Starling app provisions the card into Google Pay for you.

This is supposed to be an answer from a member of staff at a bank and they don’t seem to even know how their own product works!!

Monzo Community? Evil more like.

I am a diagnosed PTSD sufferer. I didn’t expect this to even be an issue using a banking forum.

I didn’t expect to be using a banking forum, and to have someone actually make jokes about me being mentally ill. What I really didn’t expect is to then be ridiculed for complaining about, someone joking about me being mentally ill. What I really, really didn’t expect was for dozens of people on this forum (100%) to upvote the messages ridiculing me for complaining about “just a joke”.

How is it possible for an entire community of people to think joking about someone being mentally ill is an okay thing to do?

I’m not surprised also that there is a facebook group called Monzo Stole My Money , and also Monzo USA Evil


Use a proper bank, and preferably one with as many unrestricted touch points as possible (phone lines, branches etc) because unhappy customers take up staff time, and hurt them. A digital app-only bank can simply make you disappear when they want to, at zero cost - And this clearly is what is happening to many people.